Integrate Learning 108© is a website created for those parents, who feel that their children have a potential to excel in school but do not know ,how to help them.

At Integrate Learning 108© we believe that every child/student is unique and has a learning potential. In order to facilitate efficient learning we need to focus on the components that affect learning and Integration of gained knowledge.

Through our online portal we try to assess a Client (Child/Student) in above mentioned areas and provide an individualised programme to help them reach their full potential.

We are committed to helping children make learning easy and enjoyable. We share ideas and up-to-date evidence-based research with parents to help them understand their children`s developmental needs and learning patterns.

Coming generations will be inventing and creating jobs for themselves. The classical model of teaching will be fading very soon and will be replaced by virtual colleges and universities. This will be a significant transformation and we want to make children self-reliant and independent by equipping them with the best available tools of learning.

How the Brain Works

As research has shown, children who develop more interneuronal connections during the early phase of development find schooling easy and become more confident. They enjoy themselves more during school and play. » more

Learning is like the creation of a new file in the hippocampus area of brain (similar to the creation of a temporary file on the desktop of a computer). This file needs to be saved in the cerebral cortex of brain, to be stored as a permanent file (equivalent to c: drive of a computer). This newly created file in the hippocampus needs to be re-visited and practised in order to be saved in the cerebral cortex.

Learning is not linear and it is enhanced with the result of associations which our brain develops during the different phases of life. The speed of learning or creation of new files (like the speed of the processor in a computer) is dependent on the activity of the brain, organizational skills, learning styles, study techniques, association methods, interests, age and habits. Those children who master the skill of association and organisation in the early stages of life find learning easy.

Concentration and memory work together, but require effort and planning to synchronize. To concentrate is to direct your mental powers, or efforts, towards a particular activity, subject, or problem. Memory is the ability to remember information, experiences, and people. Improving memory and concentration can be challenging. There are some specific skills that can be learned to enhance both concentration and memory. Practicing these skills is likely to improve one’s success as a student. « less

Our Aim

We empower parents and children with various techniques to help themselves improve the quality of children's learning. » more

We show you how to make learning easy and enjoyable. We will help improve children`s potential and improve their organisational skills, which will save them time. Our goal is to raise the self-esteem of children and improve their confidence, making parents' lives easy.

We do not diagnose or label children, but work with families to realize each child's full potential. « less

108 Components that affect Learning & Integration of Memory are :

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