What we do

  1. We make a profile of the child and of their personal strengths and weaknesses.
  2. We then assess the current presentation of the student in the performance areas & identify performance components that might needs attention to improve learning.
  3. We then discuss the areas of focus and prioritise them with the child and their carers/parents.
  4. We empower parents/child-carers with suggested interventions to improve the intended areas of concern.
  5. An individual plan is made and shared with parents.
Individual planning is supplemented with therapeutic activity ideas to improve the following:
  1. Focus.
  2. Attention span
  3. Mind relaxation to prepare the brain for easy learning.
  4. Activities to integrate both sides of the brain for higher efficiency.
  5. Activities to improve reading speed.
  6. Facilitate learning as a whole rather than parts including association.
  7. Guidance in improving the nourishment of the brain.
  8. We recommend free online resources for reference including mobile/tablet applications (apps), if needed.